HRAFN Cranachan Review

I’m not about to sit here today and give you background on Hrafn or why I love them so much or how I came to start getting to know them…  Those stories are in my previous reviews for them which you can find here: Hrafn Winter Review Hrafn Valhalla Review I think with this review... Continue Reading →

My Top Gins of 2020

Hello. You’ve caught me thinking about 2020….  What a pile of shite that was, eh? **if the images don't open please refresh the page... technology hates me but I promise there are photos 🙄 It started off with such hope…  Such…  Possibility.  We had a great Christmas and New Year.  I had changed posting in... Continue Reading →

Payday Purchase Review – Zeiver

Much like in our day-to-day lives, we have a certain expectation of gin and what it is, how it tastes, whats in it etc…  However…  At this exact moment we are living during a time where nothing is as we expect it to be…  People have been prevented from going to work…  The bars, restaurants... Continue Reading →

Corona Support Info Post

So yesterday I put up a video talking about my intention for showing some support to the gin industry for all their efforts in supporting frontline workers and vulnerable folk within their local communities. I had quite a few messages from brands saying they were also making sanitiser or doing x, y, or z.  I... Continue Reading →

Payday Purchase Review – Mackintosh

Cast your mind back to a couple of years ago…  Before I had a Twitter… Heartbreaking, right?...  I know it seems like I’ve been floating about talking nonsense for a long time…  But I haven’t...  Not on social media anyway... Anyway…  Bring your memories a little further forward to September 2018.  A new gin was... Continue Reading →

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