Corona Support Info Post

So yesterday I put up a video talking about my intention for showing some support to the gin industry for all their efforts in supporting frontline workers and vulnerable folk within their local communities.

I had quite a few messages from brands saying they were also making sanitiser or doing x, y, or z.  I want to thank all those who are in a position to do something and are working tirelessly to do it…  But at the same time its important to remember a few things…

  1. I’m one person and, as much as I want to, I can’t support everyone
  2. I am only featuring gins I have purchased and,  much to my upset, I don’t have an endless supply of cash so can’t afford to support everyone who is contributing to the cause.
  3. I also have limited time as I am still working so will be trying to squeeze everything in so don’t want to take on too much which would end up with some brands receiving less than others.

For those that I know are contributing but who’s gin I can’t purchase I will still make mention as I believe in recognising these efforts…  But, in addition to that, its important to remember that there are distillers out there who are making sanitiser and contributing who aren’t posting it on social media…  They’re just quietly getting their heads down and getting on with it… I just wanted to make sure you’re all aware of that.

My intention is each week we’ll take a look at one brand’s efforts…  We’ll dig into the gin, we’ll talk about the distiller, maybe a little back story.  We’ll do a mini review of the gin, tasting for it and a cocktail with tasting notes.  I’m also hoping to get the distillers/brands involved as well and have messaged them all with my idea in the hope they can find the time to have some fun.  I reckon about three posts per week. I’ll be trying to make the timings as consistent as possible but, being a shift worker, I can’t guarantee it but I’ll do my best.

To the brands I have messaged…  I sincerely hope you can get involved but if you can’t its all good…  I can absolutely imagine how busy you are and understand that down time is precious… Hopefully the fact that drinking gin is involved you might still class it as down time!!! 

I’m hoping the whole thing can be fun and lighthearted…  With loads of good info on the gins featured and, more importantly, bring these brands to the attention of whatever my social media reach is.

If anyone has any suggestions for what they’d like to see during this then give me a shout cos, honestly, I’m happy to take suggestions!!!

Stay well.
Stay safe.

Lots of love,
Nic x


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